Accounting is defined as the art of recording transactions of a particular business. Accounting helps the owner of the business to summarize huge transactions in summarize & compact form. Accounting is main function of any business which is handled by the book keeper or big companies hire accountant for it.

General Ledger

General Ledger General ledger is one of the basic entity is the basic accounting cycle that is used to store transactions that are further used in income statement and balance sheet of a company. This can be called as the most basic or main

Accounting Methods

Accounting Methods Accounting methods are the set of rules or specific procedures through which a business keeps its financial records and transform these records into financial reports. Accounting methods are categorized in two categories the cash base accounting method and accrual based accounting method.

Chart of Accounts

  For a business or a company the chart of accounts may be described as an index or list of those financial accounts that a business utilizes in its accounting system and later posts to the ledger. Chart of accounts helps a company to


Maintaining the record of financial transactions and financial day to day business activities is called bookkeeping. The basic purpose of bookkeeping is to maintain the financial records of a business clean, transparent and up to date. Bookkeeping provides the basic financial information which later

Why we need Accounting ?

Every organization aims at making best possible use of its scarce resources, wants to know the results of its efforts and needs a measure of comparison so that deficiencies and improvements can be identified and collective efforts of the organization can be channelized for
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