Accounting for Depreciation

Accounting for depreciation is that company has to mention any wear & tear in the asset during the whole year. Accounting for depreciation is necessary as depreciation occurs on all fixed assets which are in operation. Accounting for depreciation also shows that how much time that a specific asset is used by the company.

Need for Depreciation

Need for Depreciation: Learning Objectives: Why does the need for calculating and charging depreciation arise. The Need for depreciation arises for the following reasons: Ascertainment of True Profit or Loss: Depreciation is a loss. So Unless it is considered like all other expenses and

Accounting For Depreciation

Accounting For Depreciation Learning Objectives: Define and explain the term “depreciation”. Why does depreciation calculated and charged? What are the different methods for providing depreciation? Definition and Explanation of Depreciation: The value of assets gradually reduces on account of use. Such reduction in value

Causes of Depreciation

Causes of Depreciation: Learning Objectives: What are the causes of definition? The main causes of depreciation may be divided into two categories, namely: Internal Cause and External Causes Internal Causes: Depreciation which occurs for certain inherent normal causes, is known as internal depreciation. The
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