Bank Accounting

Availability Float

Availability float is another banking terminology that can be useful for the accounting functions and accounting concepts. Availability float can be defined as the time period that exists between when the amount is deposited and when it is actually available in the account in

Balance Reporting

Balance reporting is a process of reporting a customer that may be an individual or a business entity about their bank accounts. This reporting is done by the bank or the bank system. The balance reporting constitute on a report that contains the balance

Bank Credit

The bank credit is a monetary term that can be defined as the amount of credit available to a third party, individual or business entity from a bank. This can be defined as the aggregate of funds that are available for the individuals or


An account is a basic entity in monetary management and it can be defined as an organization or an arrangement by a financial institution such as bank in which it accepts the monetary and other financial assets from the customer and holds them and