Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is a branch of accounting which deals with cost incurred at the time of production as well as the cost of depreciation of fixed assets. Cost accounting helps in decision making of the company. Cost accounting is also helpful in budgeting management of company.

Non Manufacturing Overhead Costs

Non manufacturing overheads cost or non-manufacturing cost is the costs that are associated with the non manufacturing expenses of the business. These expenses may include selling and administrative expense, interest expenses and other kind of expenses that are not the part of the manufacturing

Managed Accounts

Managed account can be defined as an account that is owned by an investor but it is managed and supervised by a paid and professional money manager. They should not be confused with the mutual funds accounts as the mutual fund accounts are jointly

Step Fixed Cost

A step fixed cost is a type of cost that is not altered along with the certain threshold of high and low activity within the business and is altered only when the thresholds are breached or crossed. When the threshold is breached due to

Cost Structure

Cost structure is a structure that refers to the types and proportion of different costs present in a business accounting systems. The main objective to design a cost structure is to define the prices of the products, by product. This concept can be more

Cost Control

It is a process that involves series of steps taken by the business to control the cost of the business by controlling operations and activities related to the cost. There are a number of steps involved in controlling the cost of the business that

Cost of Quality

The cost of quality may be defined as the cost associated with manufacturing high quality products according to the money spent by the customer and the expectation of the customer. Company can eliminate any cost associated with the production of the products that don’t

Activity Based Costing

Activity based costing is a costing technique that is based on the cost calculations of all the activities that happen while running a business operation. The activity based costing use an approach of costing where cost of all the activities is assigned to all

Job Costing

Job costing is the measurement or estimation of the cost that is involve in completion of a particular job such as production of goods, manufacturing or cost involved in some other sorts of work. The costs of different accounts are stored in the ledger

Flow of Costs

This is an accounting method that explains the flow of costs among various operations within a business or a company. The flow of cost system is associated with the production or manufacturing cost activities of the business. The manufacturing costs involve a number of

What is Cost Accounting ?

Cost accounting uses information provided by financial accounting together with much more details of operations of cost accounting is collection, processing and evaluation of operating, data. e.g. cost of products, operations, processes, jobs, quantities of materials consumed, labour time used etc. for internal planning and control
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