Linear Programming Technique

Linear programming technique is a mathematical technique works on utilizing the available resources. Linear programming technique is the best mathematical result obtained from this technique. Linear programming technique is special case of mathematical programming.

Shadow Prices

Shadow Prices: Definition and Explanation of Shadow Price: The determination of the optimum mix to maximize the contribution margin or to minimize cost assumes a defined set of constraints. It is useful to consider the sensitivity of the solution if a constraint is relaxed. 

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming: Learning Objective of the Article: Define and explain the term “dynamic programming”. In which situation it is used to optimize the the use of resources. Definition and Explanation of Dynamic Programming: Dynamic programming is an extension of the basic linear programming technique

Linear Programming Solved Problems

Linear Programming Solved Problems: This page is under construction, Solved problems about linear programming will be available soon. Sorry for any inconvenience. You may also be interested in other articles from “linear programming technique” chapter Linear Programming-Maximization of Contribution Margin-Graphical Method Linear Programming-Maximization of