Uncategorized means improper arrangement, classification of objects. Uncategorized also describes that topic is without category. Uncategorized is also like unsorted, undefined etc.

Compound Interest

Compound interest can be defined as an interest that is earned on the principle amount and the interest that is previously earned on that amount. The Example of Compound Interest In order to understand the idea of the compound interest let’s assume that an

Transaction Risk

Transaction risk is a risk that a company will face regarding the losses that will incur due to the money loss in a transaction occurring in multiple currencies due to some exchange rate movements. Most of the companies that are involved in the transactions

Automatic Saving Plan

Automatic Saving Plan is a kind of personal saving plan in which the individual or the plan owner deposits a fixed sum of money automatically in their investment account after some regular interval of time.  There is a typical fund transfer structure that an

Treasury Yield

Treasury Yield can be defined as the percentage return on the investment that an investor has made and is directly on US Government debt obligations. That means that the Government of United States issues a number of investment tools such as bonds, notes and

Tandem Loan

Tandem loans can be defined as a process of taking two loans on a single asset. The asset is usually a house and the second loan is added as an offset loan to the primary loan. Tandem loans are not only taken at individual

Other Current Assets OCA

Other Current Assets as the name indicates are the current assets of the business but are different from ordinary current assets such as cash, securities and binds, accounts receivables, inventory in hand of the business and the prepaid assets. All these assets are the

Sampling Error

Like many other errors that occur while conducting financial analysis and financial calculations a sampling error is an error that is exposed within a sample on which the analyst is working rather than working on the entire population for the sake of observation. Using

Paid In Capital

Paid in Capital can be defined as the fund that is raised by the business through shareholder equity and not from the other business operations such as sales and services. Paid in capital is comprised of the amount or cash that is paid by

Financial Gearing

Financial Gearing can be defined as a financial figure that is actually a relative proportion of debt and equity that is used by the business for performing its operations. If the high ratio of debt to the equity id calculated a business is said

Types of Capacity

The capacity of a work centre, a machine or equipment can be defined as the amount of work done by that particular item. The capacity of a particular item can be measured in three different ways. The first one is called the production capacity
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