Management Accounting

Consumer Durables

Consumer durables are the goods that are designed to last long and consumer don’t have to purchase them frequently due to their durability and resilience. Consumer durables are the goods that typically last for more than three years. Other names given to consumer durables

Venture Capital

Venture capital can be defined as the available money for new, growing and yet not established fully. Venture capital is for the businesses that have little or no access to the capital market for gaining capital for their growing business. Types of Venture Capitals

Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists are the individuals or independent firms that provide venture capital to the growing and expanding businesses. Venture capitalists provide money to the businesses that are still in growing phase but offer promising results in future. How a Venture Capital Invest their Money


Compounding can be defined as the process of the exponential increase in the worth and the value of the investment over a specific time period. The exponential increase in the investment is achieved due to earning interest on the principle amount as well as

Compound Interest

Compound interest can be defined as an interest that is earned on the principle amount and the interest that is previously earned on that amount. The Example of Compound Interest In order to understand the idea of the compound interest let’s assume that an

Negative Equity

Negative Equity can be defined as a situation in the business where the liabilities of a business increase its assets. Calculation of Negative Equity Negative Equity can be calculated by subtracting the worth of total assets of the company from its total liabilities. For

Business Model

A business modal can be defined as the strategy of a business through which it wants to earn revenue from the products and services offered by the business. There are different business modals followed by the companies depending upon the type of products and


A creditor can be defined as an individual, financial institution or a business entity that lends money to another entity under the agreement of repayment. Types of Creditors There are generally two types the creditors that can be defined as under:- Personal Creditors Real
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