Management Accounting

Factor Income

Factor income can be defined as the income that is produced from the factors of the production. For example the factors of the production include land, labor and the amount of capital that is spent by a business entity on production. Factor income that

Underlying Debt

The concept of the underlying debt is related to the municipal bonds. The underlying debt is an assurance or an understanding that is implicitly associated with the municipal bonds. According to this assurance or understanding means that the debt of the small government entities


A monetary security or similar sort of venture or the investment that is being sold for a worth supposed to be lower than the investment’s factual intrinsic value. A undervalued stock can be assessed by analyzing the underlying financial statements of the company or


Underwriting is a process in which the investment banks are drawing or raising investment from the investors in the form of the investment capital on the behalf of the business organizations and government institutions that have actually issued those securities. The securities that are


Underwriter can be defined as a company or any other entity whose job is to administrator the public issuance and the distribution of the securities from a company, corporation or any other issuing authority. The responsibility of an underwriter is to work closely in

Net Worth

The net worth of an organization or a business entity can be defined as the amount with which the total assets of the entity exceed the total liabilities. The concept of the net worth is equally true for the individuals and the business entities

Net Premium Written

The concept of net premium written can be defined as the total sum of all the premiums written by the insurance company over a particular time period. The premium relinquished to the other insurance companies is subtracted while calculating the net premium written where
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