Management Accounting

Net Short

Net Short can be defined as a situation where the investor experiences more short positions as compared to the number of long positions in a given asset, market, economy or any other monetary situation. The net short can also be experienced by the investor

The net payoff can be defined as the total loss or profit occurred to an individual or a business entity received after the sale of a product when the cost of production and the accounting losses have been subtracted from the total sales of


Rationalization can be defined as the re-organization and rebuilding of the organization in order to increase its efficiency and performance. There are a number of processes and operations that an organization can undergo in order to increase efficacy and operational strength of the organization.

Ratio Call Write

Ratio call write is an optional strategy that is used by the investors while selling or purchasing shares. In ratio call write strategy the investor owns shares in underlying stock and tends to write more on money-call option as compared to the amount of


Forecasting can be defined as a process in which historical or previously collected data is used to forecast the trends for the future. Forecasting is a tool that is used by the companies, financial institutions and business entities to find out the future trends

Market Economy

Market economy can be defined as the ideal situation of the economy and the market where the decisions regarding the economy and the pricing of the goods, products and market entities is solely taken by the citizens of the economy with the proper interactions

Market Distortion

Market distortion as the name indicates is a definition given to a kind of disturbance in the market. The market distortion or the market disturbance occurred in the given economy when there is an intervention by the government in the market. The intervention can
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