Management Accounting

Market Discount

The market discount can be defined as the discount offered on the bonds in secondary market. Market discount is actually the difference between the stated redemption price of the bond and the purchased price of the bond that is actually offered in the secondary

Unqualified Audit

Unqualified audit is termed as a complete audit. An unqualified audit is termed as the most accomplished comprehensive and accurate form of the audit. The only discrepancies left in the audit are believed to be those discrepancies that are not accessed by the auditor

Indirect Bidder

Indirect bidder is the bidder that does not purchase securities directly from the US treasury department and prefers to buy treasury securities through a third party or an intermediary such as bank or a broker or a dealer. Indirect bidders include financial institutions that

Flat Bond

A flat bond can be defined as a financial instrument that is sold or traded among the investors without having an accrued interest rate associated with the bond. Accrued interest in actual is the portion or fraction of the bond coupon payment that the

Treasury Yield

Treasury Yield can be defined as the percentage return on the investment that an investor has made and is directly on US Government debt obligations. That means that the Government of United States issues a number of investment tools such as bonds, notes and
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