Management Accounting

Market Share

Market share can be defined as the percentage of a typical industry, business or a particular market that is acquired by a specific company or a business entity in a specific period of time. There are a number of ways of calculating market share.

Balloon Mortgage

Balloon mortgage is a type of short term mortgage. As the name indicates balloon mortgage requires borrowers to pay remaining amount of mortgage collectively in the form of inflated installment. Actually balloon mortgage works with a strategy where the borrower can acquire a short

Sacrifice Ratio

Sacrifice Ratio can be defined as an economic ratio that is used to measure the costs that are associated with the process of slowing the economic growth in order to stabilize or coup up or change the inflation trends. In order to calculate this

Accountable Plan

Accountable Plan can be defined as the plan of reimbursing the employees of a business entity for the purpose of business expenses. In an accountable Plan the employee receives reimbursement from the business and the amount that is received in the form of reimbursement
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